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We are a tech startup mainly setup to provide a platform that empowers our users to find performing arts spaces fast, easy and available for all performing arts and music Talents, the space is also known as Buddey Buskers Pods.   

1. Freedom to choose your own place, time and date of busking.

2. Book and play instantly means no waiting time for when you can do your busking.

3. Any Talent is welcome to use the Buddey Buskers Pods.

4. Variety of space options.

5. Buddey do not judge you, be yourself, your public fans heart is yours to win it all.

6. Unlimited time of busking, 2 hours, 3 hours or whole day is up to your choice.

7. In collaboration with the local city council and authorities to create a legalised and safe busking environment.

1. To build a sustainable platform and to continue to develop more facility for you and the local Talents,we need to rent the spaces at a fair pricing.

2. All prices are listed transparently on our platform with NO HIDDEN COSTS 

3. All payments from the Talent is being used for the following:

  • Technology development and maintenance costs
  • Maintenance of the Buskers Pods venues (e.g. wiring and electricity works and etc.)
  • Rental and business license to operate the space 
  • Service team to assist the Talent on any support required
  • Costly deposits fee required by space owner for activation of the Buddey Buskers Pods

4.  Our qualification and credibility on the above is proved by the result that we have continuosly able to deliver to all our Users.