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Buddey is a platform for local talents to find a place for street performances or busking. Talents can download our mobile application Buddey Talent and find a space which are known as the Buddey Buskers Pod. Our vision is to create a place where anyone can access easily and safe to showcase performing arts to the world. 

At the beginning, the founders of Buddey platform realised the difficulties of talents in finding spaces for performing arts, there are increasingly more talents in Malaysia today than ever before and there was just isn't enough space available to serve the growing talents. The founders of Buddey realised that to find a space just for simple busking requires a lot of time and energy on the road and dealing with paperworks approvals, waiting for a friend to share with them about availability of a space that is too long. Hence the founders sets the mission for Buddey to enable talents to easily find space at their convenience and more importantly to create a space for everyone and Buddey platform the Buddey Talent mobile app was launched in January 2020.


In order to serve these talents efficiently the founders thought that the spaces has to be accessible via digital solutions such as a mobile application so that everyone that wants to do performing arts can quickly check out nearby spaces, time and date for their busking without needing to wait for someone to advise them the place. On top of the system, as more and more talents are depending on these spaces for making a living and some is already doing this full time, there needs to have a consistent available space for the talents to do busking hence the founders of Buddey needs to create a space by renting from the landlord so that the space are always available for these talents. More importantly, now with Buddey platform, talent can just focus on doing what they love to do which is their music and performances.


In order to continue providing these spaces and serving the talents, Buddey charges an hourly rate to the talents at point of booking which will assist in sustaining the operations, there is no membership fee, advance fee, deposit fee for the use of space but only hourly rate at the time when talents decided to use. All charges are listed and available for checking anytime while the the landlord also have a system to view the rates hence everything becomes transparent where the talent knows what are the costs and the landlord knows our charging rate.


Buddey has attracted talents from all walk of life bringing with them passionate and love for their performances and busking, the Buddey project has also receives supports and positive views from the local city councils like MBPJ, MPSJ, DBKL and more. We would like to thank you all for the support and we look forward to continue serving the talents well to promotes and encourages local talents in the arts and culture. Thank you for the support. For any enquiries you may email

i. All bookings are NON REFUNDABLE. One time changes or correction of booking only for booking made not later than 24 hours from payment time and 6 hours before activity time.

1. Must not conduct any act regardless as culturally, socially or politically offensive or sensitive by general public. Example arguments, using foul languages, offensive public comment on others at site are breached of this terms.

2. Must control sound level at a not annoyance level to the environment or advisable to be at 60 to 65 decibles range.

3. Must ensure to use the Buskers Pod as per your booking time only.

4. Must not transfer or assign your booking to third party however you may share the Buskers Pod with your partners and you must be physically present.

5. Must ensure to follow the capacity of the locations and numbers of band requirements of the locations.

6. Not allowed to approach, solicit or asked any gratuity, however you can accept voluntary tips.

7. Not allowed to used of third party copyrighted materials unless with consent from the owner of the work or with approval of use from relevant party.

8. Must ensure all your belongings and rubbish are cleared from the site at the end of your session. No eating, smoking at the Buskers Pod.

9. Must ensure to dress in generally acceptable by public or child friendly, unrevealing clothing and covered shoes, no slipers.

10. Not allowed to price any items or merchandise for sale.