Buddey is about providing opportunities for all Talents in the music and performing arts to earn additional income, get recognition and gain invaluable experience performing in public. We recognised that whereas Malaysia has an abundance of musical and performing arts talents, locating venues to perform has proven to be unnecessarily cumbersome and difficult hence Buddey aim to empower Talents to easily find performing spaces for busking. Our  mobile app also connects general public to easily find and hire Talents for private events. We hope that our initiatives will contribute to promoting, encouraging and developing the local talents in Malaysia.


What is busking? 
Busking is any form of street performance be it music or other talents e.g. musician, street artist, magician and etc. Although at Buddey we really encouraged you to be yourself and express your talent, however we strongly recommend a visit to our Instagram @buddeytf to see how others do it at our Buskers Pod. Feedback from our veteran Buskers also shared that the key element of busking is to keep it simple and light so your audience can stay close to you and enjoy your performance.

Who can do busking?
Anyone can do busking with us, most of our venues are non busking license required (good right), however we will also soon announced DBKL spaces in collaboration with DBKL hence certain space we will highlight DBKL busking license required. Nevertheless you will have both choices available for your pick.

Where are the Buskers Pod?
Buddey Buskers Pod is now mainly around KL City, you will find the details in our schedule update to be sent to your email shortly after your registration, if you did not received, feel free to drop us a text at teambuddey@gmail.com. We will be announcing more interesting and fun Busking places, hence watch this space.
How do you book your busking?  
Download Buddey Talent app and follow the attached user guide to help you in using the mobile app: 
ii. Apple Store :To be announced, in the meantime please drop us an email at teambuddey@gmail.com to request for manual booking schedule.
What are the costs?
Registration is free, no membership fees, no annual fees. However, we do charged an hourly rate for the booking of space, this will greatly assist us in ensuring our operation continue to provide a good support to talents like you. 
How will you get paid?
Buddey Talents have two source of income, by busking you can earn from public fans contribution to your performance. Meanwhile, you may potentially get offer for performance gigs when public found you on Buddey platform or when you do more busking. 

Why Buddey? 
With Buddey, you can easily book and plan your busking activities, you are free to choose your own time (minimum 1 hour per booking), date, venue based on availability as updated by us and go busking.